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Calvin E. Bright Success Center

Fiat Lux COVID-19 Updates

Dear Scholars, 

As we transition through uncertain and difficult times we will do our best to support you. At this time, all program requirements for all scholars will be held virtually through Zoom.

If you require assistance setting up a Zoom account please visit:


Office Hours

Office hours will be held through zoom for Counselor, Academic Scholars, and Lead Scholar Meetings. Please refer to the links below to schedule any of the following meetings: 

Counselor Meetings:

Academic Scholars:

Lead Scholars:



Workshops will be offered on-line through zoom by our Lead Scholars and can be found on the Calendar here: 

You will need to go to your catcourses to find any zoom information for any workshop held by The Fiat Lux Program.

You can also use other non-Fiat Lux on-line workshops to satisfy your outside workshop requirement by visiting:


Professional Development

(Professional Developments will be held virtually through Zoom)

Any virtual workshop, conference, or non-mandatory training offered by CCPA, Leadership center, academic schools, etc that you attend or serve as a panelist

-Professional Development opportunities  offered by CCPA


Faculty Receptions

All of our Faculty Receptions will be held virtually through Zoom by the Student Coordinators. For any Faculty Receptions coming up, please check the Fiat Lux calendar at or your catcourses. 


Socials COVID-19

All of our Socials will be held virtually through Zoom by our Academic Scholars. Please check the Fiat Lux Calender at and catcourses for any upcoming information on any socials. 


please e-mail if you have any additional comments, questions or concerns.