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Calvin E. Bright Success Center
Living Learning Community
The Fiat Lux Scholars Program Living Learning Community assists in the establishment of relationships with peers pursuing a common goal of success in higher education. 
"Let Your Light Shine"
Fiat Lux is about your individual talents, and all of the brightness that you hold and bring to your role as a student at the University, and beyond.
A Team of Staff Dedicated Towards Your Success
Fiat Lux provides students with a multitude of resources so they reach their academic and personal potential.
Committed to your success
Fiat Lux Scholars Program requirements may be held in hybrid format for the academic year. 

Our Mission Statement and Vision


We empower a select cohort of income-eligible, first-generation college students through intentionally structured services that ease their college transition, build a community of scholars, and enhance their student development. 


Promote resilience, increase retention, and minimize barriers to degree attainment for first-generation college students. 


What is the Fiat Lux Scholars Program?

The Fiat Lux Scholars Program is by invitation-only and provides:

  • A living-learning community for first-generation college students during their first-year 
  •  Support for students in the program through the duration of all four years at UC Merced 
  • A financial aid package of $100,000 throughout the four years ($25,000 each academic year) 
  • Dedicated professional staff and student staff that take a holistic approach to help guide first-generation college students throughout their transition to college


For general questions, please contact:

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