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Calvin E. Bright Success Center

Third Year Scholars


 Fiat Lux Scholars Program Third-Year Student Requirement Expectations. 

Requirements may be held in a hybrid format. Please refer to announcements sent out via Catcourses for more information. 

If you require assistance in setting up your Zoom account please visit:

Please note that these requirements must be completed every semester. The deadline to complete requirements for Fall 2022 is Tuesday, November 29th, 2022


1 Pro-Staff Scholar Meeting

To schedule a Pro-Staff Scholar Meeting, please follow this link:  


3 Professional Developments

Any workshop, conference, or non-mandatory training offered by CCPA, Study Abroad, Financial Wellness Center, Leadership Center, Academic Schools, etc that you attend or serve as a panelist

Professional Development opportunities  offered by CCPA
Financial Wellness Coaching Sessions can be accessed at the following link: 

Schedule your Financial Coaching Session HERE