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First Year Scholar Requirements

First-Year Scholar Requirements for the Fiat Lux Program:


Please note that program requirements must be completed every semester. For example, 2 Pro-Staff Scholar meetings must be completed in the Fall semester and in the Spring semester.


The deadline to complete requirements for Spring 2023 is Saturday, April 22nd, 2023.



2 Pro-Staff Scholar Meetings: 

Scholars must complete 2 Pro-Staff Scholar meetings each semester.

To schedule a Pro-Staff Scholar Meeting, please follow this link:


2 Academic Scholar Meetings 

Scholars must complete 2 Academic Scholar Meetings each semester.

To schedule an Academic Scholar meeting, please visit: 


3 Workshops

Scholars have the option to complete 3 Fiat Lux hosted workshops each semester


2 Fiat Lux hosted workshops and 1 outside/non-Fiat Lux hosted workshop to fulfill their 3 workshops requirement each semester.

More information can be found on our Catcourses page.

To view upcoming program workshops, please visit: 


1 Social 

Scholars must attend 1 Fiat Lux Social each semester.

To view upcoming program socials, please visit: 


1 Professional Development 

Scholars must complete 1 Professional Development each semester.

For example, any workshop, conference, and/or non-mandatory training offered by the Academic Schools, the Division of Undergraduate Education, etc. that you attend or serve as a panelist can count as a professional development.

More examples of Professional Development opportunities can be found here:

1 Faculty Reception

Scholars must attend 1 Fiat Lux Faculty Reception each semester.

Please refer to our program calendar to view our upcoming Faculty Receptions:


1 Fiat Lux Scholars Program Orientation (Fall only)

First-year scholars must attend one Fiat Lux Orientation in the Fall semester.

Please refer to our program Calendar found here for more information about our Fall Orientation.