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Calvin E. Bright Success Center

First Year Scholars

Fiat Lux Scholars Program First-Year Requirements: 


Requirements may be held in a hybrid format. Please refer to the announcements sent out via our Catcourses page for more information. 

If you require assistance in setting up your UC Merced Zoom account please visit:

Please note that program requirements must be completed every semester. The deadline to complete requirements for Fall 2022 is Tuesday, November 29th, 2022.


2 Pro-Staff Scholar Meetings: 

To schedule a Pro-Staff Scholar Meeting, please follow this link: 


2 Academic Scholars Meetings 

You must complete 2 Academic Scholar meetings. To schedule a meeting please visit: 


3 Workshops 

You will need to click on the events to see details regarding how to access them on Zoom. (Our Lead Scholars will track your attendance for Fiat Lux hosted workshops)

Students have the option to complete 3 Fiat Lux hosted workshops


2 Fiat Lux hosted workshops and 1 outside/non-Fiat Lux hosted workshop to fulfill their 3 workshop requirement. 


1 Social 

You must attend one Fiat Lux hosted social each semester. To view upcoming social requirements please visit: 


1 Professional Development 

Any workshop, conference, or non-mandatory training offered by CCPA, Study Abroad, Financial Wellness Center, Leadership Center, Academic Schools, etc that you attend or serve as a panelist

Professional Development opportunities  offered by CCPA
Financial Wellness Coaching Sessions can be accessed at the following link: 

Schedule your Financial Coaching Session HERE


1 Faculty Reception

Scholars must attend one Faculty Reception a semester.  Please refer to our program Calendar found here for updates. 


1 Fiat Lux Orientation

First-year scholars must attend one Fiat Lux Orientation in the Fall semester.  Please refer to our program Calendar found here for updates.