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Professional Development Opportunities

Scholars, please submit completed Professional Developements on our Catcourses page before the Program Requirements deadline each semester.


The deadline to complete program requirements for Spring 2024 is Saturday, April 20th, 2024 at 11:59 PM PST for current scholars.


Examples of Professional Development Opportunities:

*Virtual professional development opportunities are accepted.


Student Career Center


Financial Wellness Center 

  • Events or workshops held by the Financial Wellness Center

  • 1:1 meeting with the Financial Wellness Coordinator or Coaches



Margo F. Souza Student Leadership Center 

  • Must complete entire series (4 workshops) to receive credit

  • If a you are 3rd or 4th year scholar, this can fulfill all 3 of a scholar’s PD requirements



Office of International Affairs (OIA) (Study Abroad)

  • Website:

  • 1:1 Meetings with a Study Abroad Advisor

  • International Education Week Events

  • Events listed on the OIA and Study Abroad Calendar:

  • Office hours

  • Info Sessions

  • UC Merced students can choose to study abroad with a variety of programs, including the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), UC Summer Abroad (UCSA), or International Opportunities Program (IOP).

  • *Please contact the Fiat Lux Scholars Program if you are accepted to study abroad. We will work with you regarding program requirements.



  • CalTeach is a system-wide program initiated by the state and the University of California President to prepare and support students.

  • Website:




Division of Undergraduate Education:

  • Staff Office Hours appointment:

  • Interview for a specific UROC program you have applied for (Ex. LEADS, UROC-H, SURF, etc)

  • Participation in a Research Symposium

  • Presenting Research outside of UC Merced

  • UCDC:

  • UC Sacramento:

  • Info session

  • Meeting with Coordinator or Outreach Chair

  • Interview for the program

  • Meeting with Coordinator or Outreach Chair

  • Interview for the program

  • Fulbright U.S. Student Program

*LinkedIn Learning  

  • Website:

  • If you login with your UC Merced email, it is free & you can link your actual LinkedIn profile to the LinkedIn Learning account. 

  • Videos must be different and you cannot get paid for watching them. 

  • Videos must be at least 15 minutes, but can be longer. 


Job Interviews (this does not include submitting an application) 

  • Over the phone

  • Via a virtual platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc)

  • In-person


Research Assistant (working under the supervision of a Professor or Graduate Student)

  • A scholar can hold multiple research assistant positions and have each one count as a PD (must be separate labs and under the supervision of a different Professor or Graduate Student)


Internships (Paid or Unpaid)

  • scholar can hold multiple internship positions and have each one count as a PD (must be separate company/organization and under the supervision of a different supervisor)  



*Please note that this list of examples is not exhaustive nor does it represent an endorsement.