Study Session Schedule



Study Sessions

DISCLAIMER: Calendar is subject to change. Check regularly for up-to-date information.

Study sessions are places for scholars to be able to work on their academics in a designated quiet environment. Academic Scholars are available to assist with general questions you may have about specific subjects. Academic Scholars are not tutors; however, you can consult with them about learning or studying strategies.

In order to recieve credit for the study session, scholars must be present for a minimum of one (1) hour.  For example, if a student stays at a study session for an hour and a half they will get 1.5 (one hour and 30 min) hours of credit. If a student stays for only 30 minutes, they will not receive credit until they reach the hour minimum.

Time Breakdown:

.25 = 15 min  

.50= 30 min  

.75= 45 min

1.0= 1 full hour 

The Study Session week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. 


Other Ways to Meet Your Study Session Requirements

Scholars are allowed and encouraged to attend other academic resources on campus to fulfill their Study Session Hours Requirement

  • Please note, only 2 hours of the weekly 4 required hours can be replaced with the weekly Academic Support Resource Card
  • Only 1 hour per resource card is permitted. In order to recieve 2 hours of credit you must submit 2 Academic Support Resource Cards
  • In order to recieve credit for utilizing these academic support resources, you must pick up an Academic Support Resource Card from Tenaya 160 or at a Fiat Lux hosted Study Session
  • There, you can have the learning assistant sign a resource card and turn it in to an Academic Scholar at an official Fiat Lux study session or to Tenaya 160 by the Saturday of the week you completed it

The academic resources that you may recieve credit for attending are:

  • PALS
  • STEM Center
  • Chem Center
  • Writing Center
  • Math Center
  • Library Consultations
  • 1:1 Consultation with the English Language Institute
  • Office Hours with Faculty or TA's