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Calvin E. Bright Success Center

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Fiat Lux Scholars Program Office located?

Interim Fiat Lux Coordinator/Counselor, Alejandro Delgadillo - KL 222

Fiat Lux Counselor, Kisha McGuire - Tenaya 160

Program Assistant, Brandon Perez - KL 222

How do I join Fiat Lux?

The Fiat Lux Scholars program is an invitation only program. Individuals invited to the program must meet certain criteria set forth by UC Merced Admissions and The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. The Fiat Lux Program does not have the ability to select individuals.

Similar programs include:



What type of services does the Fiat Lux Scholars Program provide?

The Fiat Lux Scholars Program offers a variety of workshops, socials, study sessions, faculty receptions, and one-on-one meetings with professional/student staff.

What are the requirements for first-year students?

First-year students are required to live on campus in our Living Learning community. After your first year, you may live off-campus. In addition, students have a set of requirements that you must complete each semester. You may find the updates here:

How can I maintain my eligibility within the Fiat Lux Scholars Program?

Each Program Participant will undergo a semesterly review regarding requirement completion. In order for scholars to maintain eligibility in the program you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Maintain active participation and complete Fiat Lux Program requirements each semester
  2. Maintain at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA
  3. Complete the FASFA application by the priority deadline each year (March 2)
  4. Submit all required documentation requested by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships by the established deadline each year (June 1)
  5. Maintain a full-time course load of 12 units or more per semester
  6. Meet UC Merced Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards each year
  7. Maintain Pell Grant and Cal Grant eligibility
  8. Maintain continuous enrollment at UC Merced for the 4 years

Who do I contact if I have any questions about my Fiat Lux financial aid package?

Our program has a Financial Aid Advisor that is devoted to assisting students with their Fiat Lux financial aid package. You may contact Lauren Hogan for any questions regarding your package at

What if I want to be removed from the program?

If you would like to be removed from the program, you will need to email the Fiat Lux account stating you would like to be removed from the program. If you would like you can meet with the Program Coordinator or Counselor before you make this decision as this may impact you academically and financially while at UC Merced.

Are Fiat Lux students required to live on-campus?

Yes, first-year students are required to live in the Fiat Lux Living Learning Community on campus. Students must submit a housing application here:

You will later be notified on how to proceed with the roommate selection process and move-in dates.

Can I apply to the Program if I am a transfer student?

No, Fiat Lux is only available for incoming Freshmen. However, UC Merced has a program called TRV (Transfer, Returning, & Veteran Program), which you can apply to. You can find more information here: