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Calvin E. Bright Success Center

Lead Scholars

Lead Scholars 


Lead Scholars do the following:

  • Connect students to resources on and off-campus, hold one on one meetings through office hours for Second-Year students.
  • Plan and facilitate workshops on topics that meet the specific needs of First-Generation college students.
  • Collaborate with other campus departments to develop quality programming that promotes resiliency, life skills, and interpersonal development.
  • Through formal and informal experiences, Lead Scholars assist in building an on-campus community that recognizes and embraces the identities, values, and beliefs of all students.

*Please allow up to 2 days space when scheduling a second meeting

Lead Scholar Team 2020 - 2021




Daisy Galaviz 

Hi everyone! I'm Daisy Galaviz from South Los Angeles, a current senior majoring in Biological Sciences with a Human Emphasis and a minor in Psychology. I plan on pursuing a career in the medical field as a Forensic Pathologist. As a first-generation college student, I've come across stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking risks just how every single one of you will one day. I am here to help you and help facilitate your transition into college, please feel free to contact me.


David Baez 

Hey guys, my name is David Baez and I am currently a fourth-year environmental engineering major pursuing a career as an environmental consultant. My hometown is Norwalk, CA and I things I enjoy doing include traveling and being outdoors. Let me know how I can help you.


Lyzzette Melgoza 

Hello, my name is Lyzzette Melgoza I am a fourth-year here at UC Merced. I'm a Cognitive Science major and double minoring Psychology and Spanish. What I plan to do with this major is to help the elderly community because I feel like they are equally as important as the youth. Most elders face early signs of dementia and I want to be able to research different complementary methods that can help slow down the process at which their memory skills decline. Finding my major wasn’t easy and I did enroll UC Merced as undeclared, but sure enough, I found what I'm passionate about. I look forward to assisting you in any way possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out.


Ayra Valerie Agluba

Hello! My name is Ayra Valerie Agluba. I am a Third-year student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology. I come from a small town in Central Valley CA. As a Fiat Lux Scholar myself, I've had the opportunity to experience the program first hand. I've always enjoy helping people in any way I can. I'm a great listener and I'm here to assist and help you succeed as a first-generation student. Fun fact about myself I'm trilingual and enjoy spontaneous adventures friends! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need guidance in anyway!