Program Requirements Due

Faculty Reception 3 (CA Room)

Faculty Reception 2 (CA Room)

Faculty Reception 1 (CA Room)

Program Requirements Begin

First Year Orientation


Why You Should Worry About the Earth Workshop

Off-Campus Series: Fair Housing Consultant

STEP & Fiat Lux: Career Roundtable

Off Campus Consultants

Spring Faculty Reception #3

Applying to Grad School Workshop

Mental Health Well-Being Workshop

Off-Campus Housing Panel Workshop

Fiat Lux Recruitment Hiring Workshop

A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Fiat Lux Recruitment Hiring Workshop

Pitch Building Workshop #3

Fiat Lux Recruitment Hiring Workshop

Intersectionality Excel!

Engaging in Your Spiritual Well-Being

Quick and Healthy Recipes

Spring Faculty Reception #2

UC Merced Career and Internship Fair

Gen Action Outreach Training

Pitch Building Workshop #2

Thinking About Moving Off-Campus?

Fiat Lux Hiring Recruitment Workshop

Summer Session Workshop

Summer Session Workshop

Summer Session Workshop

New Year, New Semester Workshop

Spring Faculty Reception #1

Party Safe, Not Hard Workshop

Pitch Building Workshop #1



Social #3: Fallin' into Winter

Workshop: The Do's and Don'ts of Finals Week

Workshop: Impostor Syndrome Forum

Workshop: Eating Better on A Budget (Nutrition Series)

Workshop: Don't Over Think

Workshop: Graduate School Forum

Workshop: What is a Research Question? (Library Series)

Workshop: A Short Blurb of your Skill Set!

Workshop: Healthy Relationships

Workshop: How Do I Use Databases to Find Scholarly Articles? (Library Series)

Workshop: Navigating MyDegreePath

Workshop: Bobcats Around the World

Workshop: Nutrition Series

Workshop: What is a Scholarly Article? (Library Series)

Social #2: Dia de los Muertos

Workshop: Earning Money from the UC!

Workshop: Nutrition Series

Workshop: Chopped Cat

Workshop: Why the Library? (Library Series)

Workshop: Resilient Mindset

Workshop: A Cheap Bobcat is a Happy Bobcat!

Workshop: Public Speaking

Workshop: Student Optimum Series

Workshop: Financial Literacy & Education

Workshop: Intersectionality

Workshop: Strategies to Overcome Dense Material

Workshop: Navigating an Academic Pathway

Workshop: Student Optimum Series

Workshop: Scoop Up a Better GPA

Social #1: Flashback Friday

Workshop: Student Optimum Series

Workshop: An In-depth Guide on How to Build A Student-Professor Relationship

Workshop: Etiquette It!

Workshop: Get to Know CatTracks!

California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education

STEP: Career Roundtable - Business & Entrepreneurship

Basic Needs: Critical Dialogues

Basic Needs: Overnight Oats

STEP: Income Taxes 101

FLSP Jobs Information Session

Minute to Win It Social

Basic Needs: Healthy at Home

Basic Needs: Nutrition 101

Basic needs: Wasted (Movie)

Save Your Food, Save your Money, Save the World

The Importance of Developing Social Capital

Fianancial Aid Office: Financial Aid Application

Resume and Career Services: Scholar Success Serssions Part 2

Student Optimum Series

Resume & Cover Letter Help

STEP: The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans

STEP: DAT Graduate School Admission Entrance Exam Seminar

Student Optimum Series

Student Optimum Series

What They Don't Tell you About Living Off Campus

Student Optimum Series

Financial Aid Application

Student Optimum Series

Taste of Winter Social

Prepare for Finals Workshop

Outside Grammar Workshop

Outside Grammar Workshop

Making Cents with Scholarships Workshop

Outside Grammar Workshop

Learning Styles Workshop

Outside Grammar Workshop

Party Smart, Not Hard

Outside Grammar Workshop

Intro to Professional Development Workshop

Squeezing Away the Stress

Midterms Got You Feeling Some Type of Way

Scoop Up a Better GPA Workshop

Pitch Perfect Workshop

Do You Have the Perfect Pitch? Workshop

How to Start A Club Workhop

Monopolize Your Life Workshop

End of Summer Bash Social

Do You Have the Perfect Pitch? Workshop

Reel it in With Research

Do You Have the Perfect Pitch? Workshop

Straight Outta High School Workshop

Breaking it Down Workshop