Student Coordinators

Student Coordinators

Student Coordinators do the following:

  • Track and monitor program requirements as well as, provide you with the Weekly Progress Report and Fiat Lux Newsletter.
  •  Serve as the main contact for Fiat Lux participants to assist, resolve, or answer any questions or concerns regarding program requirements. Student Coordinators also serve as a way to provide input or suggestions to the program. 
  • Collaborate with other campus departments to plan incoming Fiat Lux Scholar Orientation and Faculty Receptions.
  • Through formal and informal experiences, Student Coordinators assist in building an on-campus community that recognizes and embraces the identities, values, and beliefs of all students.



Caroline Velez 

Hi everyone! My name is Caroline and I am a Fourth-year Political Science Major. I am from Boyle Heights, CA, which is located in Los Angeles. I enjoy working out, cooking and hanging out with friends. A fun fact about me is that this past semester, I studied abroad in Hong Kong and visited other countries such as Korea, Japan, and Mainland China. Please feel free to ask me any questions, I can't wait to meet all of you and I look forward to working with you. 

Office Hours: By Calendly appointment only at



Juan Robles Nava 

Hello everyone! My name is Juan and I am a Fourth-Year Political Science major and Philosophy minor. I am from a small town called Orosi, CA. I enjoy playing guitar, playing video games, reading, and volunteering. A fun fact about me is that I stayed at Frank Sinatra's former mansion about 4 years ago on a vacation. Please feel free to reach out to me regarding any questions, I am here to help you all and am ecstatic to work alongside you all this year. 

Office Hours: By Calendly appointment only at