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Student Staff:


Merari Cisneros:

Merari Cisneros is a fourth year Bio Engineering student from San Diego California. When he graduates he hopes to gain a Phd in Bio Engineering so that he may specialize in Neuroengineering. When not studying or committed to other responsibilities he enjoys long runs as well as a good book or videogame.



Office Hours:


Wed: 12:30-2:00p

Katia Gilbon:

Hi my name is Katia Gilbon or Kat for short. I am also a first-generation student and I am excited to join the Fiat Lux team. I am currently a fourth-year studying Management and Business Economics and I finished my classes for my Sociology minor. I hope to be helping you all in achieving your goals and to create some wonderful memories this year. I love meeting new people and just having conversations so always feel welcome to stop by my office hours or contact me.

Office Hours:

Mon: 3:30-5:00p

Wed: 3:30-5:00p

Dania Guerrero:

I'm a 4th year Developmental Biology Major from Oxnard, CA. Passionate about health and wellness in all aspects of health. Interested in pursuing a career in Physical Therapy as a Doctor and founded the Pre-Physical Therapy Club at UCM. 




Office Hours:

Tues: 12-1:30p

Fri: 1:00-2:30p

Sergio Cabrales:

Hi everyone. My name is Sergio Cabrales, I’m a Third-Year Public Health major. I’m a Lead Scholar in the Fiat Lux Scholars program. Some of the clubs I’m involved with outside my time of studying and working is Intervarsity club. One of my favorites hobbies that I enjoy doing in the weekends is playing guitar with another guitarist and hanging out with the Fiat Lux crew. As we all try to finish the school year strong, my main goal is to meet each and everyone one of you and create a lifetime friendship.

Office Hours:

Tues: 4:30-6:00p



Jennifer Moreno:

Hey guys! My name is Jenny and I love to travel, make friends and play sports! :-) 





Office Hours:

Tues: 10:30-12:00p

Thurs: 11:00-12:30p

Office Hours will take place in: Tenaya 160