USTU 010 Introduction to Undergraduate Studies

USTU 010 is a First-Year Success course that meets once a week and includes interactive lectures and small-group discussion sessions focused on topics related to navigating campus life and strategies for effective learning at UC Merced. Reflective writings and engagement in activities  that promote self-empowerment and academic success play key roles in this course. This class is based on the On Coursetextbook, which has been used by hundreds of thousands of college freshmen across the United States in recent years. The course is intended to help students better understand and respond to the demands and expectations of higher education. Fiat Lux Scholars are able to enroll in one of the two restricted sections of USTU 10 only available to Fiat Lux Scholars. Fiat Lux staff members teach the Fiat Lux sections of USTU 10.