Outside Workshop and Professional Development Opportunities


  • You must attend the workshop for at least an hour to recieve credit. 
  • First year students are required to do three workshops. Only one outside workshop can be credited towards their Fiat Lux Workshop requirement. The other two must be Fiat Lux hosted workshops.
  • Second year students are required to do two workshops. Only one outside workshop can be credited towards their Fiat Lux Workshop requirement. The other one must be a Fiat Lux hosted workshop.
  • To recieve credit a webform has to be submitted within 7 days of a scholar attending either an outside workshop or professional development event.

You can access the forms here by clicking on the options below:

 Outside Workshop Requirement Form 

Professional Developement Form  


*If the Fiat Lux hosted workshops do not work with your schedule, please immediately go and discuss this with your Fiat Lux Counselor. 


Below you will find opportunites to fulfill an outside workshop or professional development requirement. The legend below is indicative of what requirement it may count towards. 

*WK = Counts towards your Workshop requirement

*PD = Counts towards your Professional Development requirement

*WK/PD = Counts towards either your Workshop requirement or the Professional Development requirement. It may not  count for both. 


Information about these workshop and professional developement opportunities can be accessed by clicking each option below:

Calvin E. Bright Success Center  WK*

STEP Program  WK/PD*

UC Merced Library   WK*

Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education (CARE) Office  WK*

Pre-Health Advising  WK/PD*

Study Abroad   WK/PD*

Center for Career & Professional Advancement  WK/PD*    

English Language Institute - Part of the Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning (CETL)  *WK: Grammar Workshops, Fluency & Pronounciation Workshops and 1:1 appointments are the only opportunities that may count towards a Fiat Lux Workshop requirement 

Womxn's Programs PD*

LGBTQ+ Initiatives PD*

Social Justice Intitiatives PD*

Yosemite Leadership Program *PD

First Generation Career Conference *PD


Other activities that may count as Professional Development can include:

  • Job Interview
  • Job Fair
  • Career Fair
  • Internships
  • Research Assistant Position
  • General Conferences
  • Presenting at Symposiums
  • Venture Lab
  • Attending or Participating in Panels
  • Consultations Center for Career and Professional Advancement (CCPA)
  • Diversity Awareness Programs
  • Ally Training (UndocuAlly, QueerAlly, etc.)
  • UndocuScholars
  • Financial Literacy Workshops (Taxes, Credit, etc.)

Please note that if you are taking a course that requires field work or an internship, this will only count if the field work/internship is off campus (schools, organizations, businesses, etc.)