Where is the Fiat Lux Scholars Program Office located?

Interim Fiat Lux Coordinator/Counselor, Maria Rosales - Tenaya 160 

Fiat Lux Counselor, Kisha Mcguire - Valley Terraces Housing Office 

Program Assistant, Brandon Perez - KL 222

When will Office Hours be posted for Spring 2018? 

Office hours are currently being determined for both professional and student staff.  We encourage you to visit our website to view any updates: http://fiatlux.ucmerced.edu 

What type of services does the Fiat Lux Scholars Program provide?

The Fiat Lux Scholars Program offers a variety of workshops, socials, study sessions, faculty receptions, and one-on-one meetings with professional/student staff. Students who live on-campus also have the opportunity to live in our Living Learning Community.

What are the requirements for first-year students?

Requirements are currently being determined by professional staff.  We encourage you to visit our website to view any updates: http://fiatlux.ucmerced.edu/First_Year_Scholars

How many students are admitted into the program?

At this point in time, we can admit 115 students within our Living Learning Community. The Off Campus Scholar numbers reflect the quality of the applications submitted. These numbers vary and typically range between 20-50 students. 

I applied to the Fiat Lux Scholars Program, but wasn't admitted. Why?

We receive a high number of applicants and we use a rubric to score the quality of the application. If you were not accepted into the Program on of following could be the cause:

1. Something on your applicaiton determined you ineligable.

2. You recieved a low score on your application.

3. We did not have enough space in the Living Learning Community to provide with an On Campus space within the Program. 

Can I apply to the program during my second year?

Unfortunately no.  We encourage all incoming first years to apply if they want to be considered.

What will happen if I do not complete my requirements?

Each Program Participant will undergo a semesterly review regarding requirement completion. If you are deficient in your requirements, you will be notified of At Risk of Dismissal status at the end of the Fall Semester. If you do not complete your requirements for Spring, you will be dismissed from the program.

What if I want to be removed from the program?

After being admitted to the program, you will be required to be a part of the program for at least a year.  If you would like to be removed after a year, you will need to email the Fiat Lux account stating your reason(s).  In some occasions, there may also be a web form you will need to fill out along with the email.  

Are students required to live on-campus?

No, students do not need to live on-campus.  Off-campus applicants will be reviewed and considered as well.  If you apply to live on-campus, you will be housed in the Fiat Lux Living Learning Community.  You should have selected Tenaya 3rd or 4th floor.  If you have not done so yet, please contact the Housing office for assistance in selecting the appropriate room.

Can I apply to the Program if I am a transfer student?

No, however UC Merced has a program called Degree Attainment for Returning and Transfer Scholars (DARTS), which you can apply to.